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Xamanism™: 20/20 Vision Sponsorship Donation Fundraiser

If you've ever thought about raising money for a good cause or need, you've come to the right place.

Xamanism™ Sponsorship Donation Fundraiser program, is built to create positive change in our communities whether, monetary or physical. 
Xamanism™ Sponsorship Donation Fund Raiser, is an incredibly powerful tool for helping the different types of needs; causes , crisis, disasters and or changes our communities need assistance  with. It’s a great way to help, motivate, inspire and create awareness, no matter the gender, age, race, color, country, age, class, animal, element or specimen.
We’ll leave it up to peoples demographic area in deciding what’s important to them, whether it’s for their community, age group, gender, income level, race, ethnicity, or even their own self. 
We are pretty much aware and understand that everyone’s circumstances vary in many different shapes and forms. From North America to Asia, from the Middle East to South America, from Africa to Europe to Australia. We all have many different  concerns  and aspirations, conditions and dreams, health problems and goals, challenges and necessities. We can go on and on and on, different strokes for different folks. That is why we’ve created this program to try and help many of peoples different  endeavors.

Xamanism™ Art & Culture with purpose™ is willing to support many different causes large or small through their many different lines of products, with up to 40%.  

If you need for xamanism to design you a custom campaign, we can do it to. Xamanism will design a full campaign in their sponsorship donation page about your cause, purpose or needs. We’ll also create a special package from our product lines to boost your fundraising, depending on the amount needed to raise.

So, If you have a good cause and would like Xamanism™ Art & Culture with Purpose™ to start sponsoring you, or your cause.


Please contact us at... xamanism1@gmail.com or call us at Cell: 323-683-6856.