Xamanism Art & Culture, Won't be doing the Hollywood Forever Dia de Los Muertos this year 2013.

After Curating Hollywood Forever Dia de Los Muertos Art Exhibition for many years, my road ends hear with them. It was a total honor experiencing all these celebrations with everyone, while it was pure and clean. It was a total pleasure to of had met so many wonderful individuals. Now, that the event has grown to much, become to commercial, and to corporate greedy. I part from it humbly looking for other venues to venture with. Xamanism Art & Culture doesn't represent that, it represents something greater than that of its own self. and free to the community, without the community there is no Dia de Los Muertos, Now, that the prices have sky rocketed at the Hollywood Forever, will there be no community, and without the community there is no Dia de Los Muertos.

Not because, I'm not curating hollywood forever Dia de Los Muertos this year, does it mean it ends here. We will be moving Xamanism art exhibition elsewhere and maybe postpone it, till next year.

Do apologize for any inconvenience, 
But, i cannot control how other people think. 
I can only work with what is available.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call me.

Thank You
Art Chabolla founder of
Art & Culture with Purpose Productions


Peace, Love and Always Good harmony.

Saturday, November 2, 2013 - 13:00